Simple Practices Through-Out the Day That Helps To Lose Weight

Some of us may find it difficult to keep a check on our weight. Others may have their weight in control but find it strenuous to take it down to where they would like it to be.

Losing weight seems to be an issue with most people these days. If you are also facing such issues, you need to bear in mind that weight loss does not need to be either complicated or stressful.

There are certain things you can do throughout your normal day to make a big difference to how much you weigh in the long run.

Start your day with a short workout

After waking up in the morning, go for a few pushups, crunches, and jumping jacks to start the day on the right note with a short workout. These simple exercises can help you get back a flat belly, while also reducing your overall weight. You can even take a 20 minute run if you have the time to lose weight in the long run and enjoy a healthier, happier life.

Opt for a lean protein breakfast

Opt for a lean protein breakfast and make wiser food choices throughout the day to keep a control on your weight. You can start your day with eggs for instance, which are a nutritional powerhouse of proteins.

Weigh yourself every morning

Use a digital scale to weigh yourself every morning and chart this number over a week or a month. Use the daily fluctuations in weight as a feedback system and identify the things you are doing right to keep your weight under control.

Wait till you are really hungry before reaching out for food

Many a times, we eat out of boredom or to feed our frustrations and emotional issues. This can lead to more calorie intake than necessary, resulting in gaining of weight before you realize it.

Learn to identify the symptoms of physical hunger before you reach out for food. For instance, rumbling in your stomach would be an indication that you are hungry and this is the time when you can eat healthy and well balanced meals.

Chew your food properly and eat slowly

Make it a habit to eat slowly and also chew your food properly. This simple practice would prevent you from over eating and help you reduce weight.

Brush your teeth after every meal

Make it a practice to brush your teeth after every meal which would be a cue to your body that mealtime is over and help you avoid the awkward cravings for food.

Avoid sodas and coffees

Limit the intake of coffee, soda, tea, and alcohol; all these beverages typically contain a lot of calories and can add to your weight to a significant extent.  Even juices can be a bit tricky, where you may think that you are drinking something healthy. However, juices do not contain any of the fibers that are present in fruits but are filled with all the calories. You can feel fuller and more contented by eating an orange than by drinking a glass of orange juice.

Make it a point to drink ample amounts of water every day; this is the best weight loss drink available and can make you feel full, without calories.

Use the stairs instead of elevators

Use the stairs whenever possible to stay active throughout the day. This simple habit can burn your calories and also elevate your metabolism, making it easier for you to maintain your weight.

Opt for healthy snacks

Eat healthy snacks, such as fruits, fresh vegetables, dried fruit, or yogurt in between meals to ensure that you do not overshoot the daily calorie intake which is optimum for your body mass index. You can also opt for lower fat alternatives of some of your favorite foods, such as burgers and chips to keep your weight under control. You can opt for baked French fries or baked chicken burgers to ensure that you are not adding too many calories or fat to your system.

Walk before dinner

Take a walk before dinner to cut back calories and lose weight. This has been established in recent studies conducted on obese women, where 20 minutes of walking before dinner gave the participants an increased sensation of fullness and cut back their appetites, leading them to opt for a lighter meal.

Get to bed early

Make it a habit to sleep early instead of lying down on the couch watching television or reaching out for a late night snack. Eating processed food as snacks can come in the way of your getting back a flat belly and throw your exercise routine off track.

All these practices followed throughout the day would boost your metabolism and help you become more active; these are two prerequisites if you want to lose weight.

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