Stay Fit During Ramadhan

And now – here we are – again in Ramadhan.

Recently I received a few questions on how to stay fit when fasting during Ramadhan and obviously this is one the important matters that we should consider through this fasting month.

This is because during Ramadhan we have to practice our normal routine except for usual breakfast, lunch and tea-time. In other words, we need to adapt our lifestyle with Ramadhan a little bit.

Maintain Your Diet

Fasting during Ramdhan never means you have to change your diet at all. Proceed your 3-meals-per-day routine however you have to change the time for the meals which are for suhoor (before Subuh), breakfast (after Maghrib) and supper (before going to bed). Eating well-balanced diet for each meal is important as you have to concern of getting energy while fasting. Remember not to eat too much during breakfast as it will cause only harm to your digestive system. Muslims are encouraged to break their fast by eating dates with milk and taking other easy-to-digest food such as soup or porridge.

Eat moderately during night to ensure that you have enough energy and stay fit during the whole Ramadhan.

Eat Suhoor

This point of eating suhoor (pre-dawn meal) is highlighted because this is the key point of maintain your fitness while fasting. Some people might believe they can eat before going to sleep and then skip the suhoor but in fact this way is only works for some people. The recommended way is – by eating suhoor. Set your utensils and food before going to sleep so when you wake up you can instantly go for suhoor.

Take A Short Afternoon Nap

You might practice this during other months however I recommend this during Ramadhan. After doing your life routine in the morning, take a short nap before Zuhur prayer for 5-10 mins. By doing this you can restore an amount of your energy for the evening period before breakfast.

Pray Tarawih

Tarawih is a bonus as it is only done during Ramadhan so don’t ever miss it! Besides that, it gives you time to exercise yourself as you have to burn the fat and calorie after breakfast. Believe it or not, it is a great way to maintain your fitness and stamina.

You can read this for more information on fasting tips during Ramadhan:

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That’s it. Happy fasting and Happy Ramadhan 2011!

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