The Best Way to Start the Day

You are what you eat and from the moment you wake up in the morning, you have the opportunity to start your day off on the right foot or not. What you put in your “tank” at the start of the day can determine how the rest of your day will go.

Will it be the sugary sweet Co-Co Puffs that taste so good but give you a kick that only lasts for literally minutes followed by a sugar crash that puts you in an endless cycle of processed, sugar filled fits or the other end of the spectrum- egg whites, whole grain toast and OJ, a healthy and lasting choice that fills your body with the nutrition it needs and uses throughout the day.

The choice is yours and here are a few other great options for breakfast to get your engine running without running out of gas:

1) Fruits – Packed full of fiber, fruit will help you feel fuller and curb your appetite. Avoid too much juice which can increase your insulin and cause you to become even more hungry.

2) Canadian Bacon- Instead of good old greasy, artery clogging bacon, opt for our Northern neighbors ham like bacon. Canadian bacon is less fattening and more filling without sacrificing all of the flavor.

3) Peanut Butter – Full with “good” fats, peanut butter is a wondeful day starter and keeps you feeling fuller, longer. Combine this with a banana and whole grain bread and you are on to something good and good for you!

4) Cheese Omelets – Warm, hearty and healthy! A couple of eggs hugging a slice of low fat cheese does a body good and leaves you feeling great. Packed with protein, this is an excellent choice for big appetites.

5) Oatmeal – Not says comfort like a big, steamy hot bowl of oatmeal and now it’s better than ever for you. Select an oatmeal made with no refined sugars so you can add raisins, fruit or honey to sweeten it with instead.

With so many healthy options to grease and sugar filled meals, breakfast CAN taste good and be good for you!!

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