The Relation Between Acne & Stress

There has been a long debate about the relation between acne and stress.

Recently we can see that many clinical studies show that stress can worsen acne.

Stress causes worsening of acne in two ways. First, by encouraging adrenal glands to produce further hormones and secondly, by slowing down the healing process.

Adrenal glands, which are located above the kidneys, emit norepinephrine and epinephrine under stress and adrenal cortex secretes male hormones. These manlike hormones are well known seeing stimulating the sebaceous gland to excrete more sebum, which ultimately results in the formation of acne.

It has also been confirmed that psychological load can weaken the healing process up to 40%. This factor doubles the the possibility for the existence of acne.

A study in 2003 found a chemical relationship that might exist between acne and other sore disorders. This study mentioned the effects of stress on a particular part of the power called the hypothalamus again detected that in stressful situations this part released a chemical hormones which results in the acne.

These facts confirms the link between adult acne further stress and getting acne is not just about ‘being an adult’ or ‘growing up’.

So based on this understanding, how we can overcome the problem of getting acne and avoid it from happens?

One of the effective way is to always stay calm in everything you do. Get enough sleep and practice healthy diet. Clean your face as a daily habit and don’t ever straight away pinching the existing acne because it can spread the acne to more places on your skin.

Handle your stress appropriately and you can find an effective solution to overcome the acne problem.

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