Things You Might Not Know About Babies

Early childhood development is an amazing subject. The complexity of how a child goes from being a zygote to a functioning adult in just a few years is fascinating.

Growing up is a more complicated process than most people realize. Babies are far more complex than people think. They have their own sets of wants and needs that must be met to ensure that they develop properly. You probably have no idea how complex being a baby can be. The more you understand about child development the better parent you will be!

300 Bones

Did you know that babies are born with three hundred bones in their bodies? When a person becomes an adult there are only two hundred and six bones in his or her body. Contrary to how this sounds, you never actually lose bones-some of the individual bones that you are born with simply fuse together to form single bones. It is a commonly held belief that the fusing of the bones is what causes adults to lose some of their flexibility-because the individual bones can no longer move independently of each other.

Babies Can Hear

Think about it: how often are you able to eat your own feet as a grown up? It is common knowledge that babies can hear while they are still inside of their mothers. Many sounds cause babies to have strong reactions which have been recorded before the baby is born!

Did you already know that a baby’s ears are very sensitive to different decibel levels even while they are in the womb? A fetus’s ears are impressionable and sensitive. The loudest sound your infant should be subjected to (inside the womb or outside of it) is the household vacuum cleaner. If you must listen to loud music, wear headphones as this will cut down on the noise inflicted on your baby considerably-some doctors even think that vacuum cleaners are too loud so keep the noise to a dull roar as much as you can.

Babies Can Smile Before They Are Born

Most people believe that babies do not know how to smile before they are born. If a baby does smile before a certain point, most people think it is gas. For more than a century people believed that smiling was an activity taught to babies by their parents. It was common knowledge that babies had an easier time expressing their unhappiness over something than feeling and expressing happiness. Now we know better. Ultrasounds have gotten a lot better in recent years and prove that babies can smile before they are born. Many families have been given ultrasound pictures of their smiling children weeks before they are due to be born. Doctors now think that babies seem to “learn” how to smile because it takes them a few weeks to get over the trauma of having been birthed.

You will be astounded by all of the things that you can learn about babies. Sure you probably already know that babies develop really quickly. Have you learned the exact process by which a baby matures? Have you learned about all of the amazing milestones between early childhood and being all grown up? Your knowledge of babies is already expanding-don’t you want to learn more about this fascinating subject?

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