Treatment for Low Vision

Even though treatments for low vision are getting more and more common, it is still nerve-racking to sign up for a procedure on an area as sensitive as your eyes.

If you are thinking about seeking treatment for low vision you want to be sure the doctor to whom you are entrusting your sight knows the best procedures, has access to necessary equipment such as a fundus camera, is knowledgeable about the most up-to-date ophthalmic equipment and has a good track record in his or her practice. Finding a good eye doctor can be tricky. You don’t want to have a “trial run” with a doctor to find out that they aren’t up to snuff. In the interest of protecting the windows to your soul, research is vital.

The best recommendations are from someone you trust that has had some personal experience with the procedure you are thinking of having. Try asking friends, family, acquaintances, co-workers or anyone else who you think may have need treatment for low vision or eye problems before. If you trust the person’s opinion, it can really help ease your anxiety about choosing a new doctor.

You should still ask your advisee for details; what procedure they had done, how it went, what they thought the doctor’s bedside manner was like, and if they were happy with their overall experience and healing time. The more details you get, the better. Be careful not to generalize their experience with the same doctor, but a different procedure. Although it may be a sign that the doctor is good in general, a doctor could be top-notch at one particular procedure but only average at another. If you can get a recommendation for your particular problem, then you can feel more confident in the doctor’s skill set.

Some doctors specialize in particular kind of low vision therapy, some doctors may work best with lasers, others with the scalpel. Find out what that particular doctor’s credentials and experience are and it will give you a good idea of exactly how competent your doctor of choice is for your particular procedure.

Once you have a good idea of which doctor you would like to use, feel free to use your initial visit to interview the doctor. Doctors are usually the ones asking questions but patients need to be proactive in asking the doctors to explain anything they are unclear on. Don’t be afraid to take advantage of your time with the doctor to get an idea of how he presents his experience, how confident he seems, and how you personally feel about the doctor. You want to feel like you are in good hands at all times!

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