Ways of Restoring the Youth to Your Eyes

The natural process of aging is something none of us can get away from.

As we grow older, we experience everything that comes along with it, including wrinkles and droopy skin, which is particularly a concern for women.

The first signs of aging appear around the eyes.

However, it is not necessarily just aging that results in droopy eyelids. It can be hereditary, or caused by stress, various diseases and migraines. The effect is that your skin loses elasticity, and that is when your eyelids begin to sag, and you start to look tired and old.

So, what can you do about this?

Anti-aging eye cream

The skin that surrounds your eye is the most delicate on your body. This is why it needs regular, gentle care, in order to save some of its elasticity. Therefore, it is vital that you choose a good anti-aging eye cream and use it every day. The idea is to find the cream that has the proper combination of growth factors, so that the appearance of wrinkles is decreased, and your skin texture and tone are maintained. The right anti-aging cream is a mixture of growth factors, antioxidants, peptides and other components that help keep your skin smooth.

Natural egg white mask

An egg white mask is a great natural remedy for droopy eyelids. To prepare it, you need to break an egg and use the white only. Dip a cotton swab into the egg white and apply it to your eyelids. The result of this remedy is tightening of the skin, in order to make it look less saggy. While it is a quick solution in an emergency situation, if you keep using it for a while, it is bound to have long-term effects and bring back your skin’s elasticity.

Makeup effects

Another quick solution for hiding the effects that aging has on your eyes is to apply makeup. Choose a concealer that is yellow-based and at least two shades brighter than your skin. Apply it underneath your eyes, from the inner to the outer corners. Make sure that you apply it gently until it blends, and avoid pulling the skin because it will result in more wrinkles over time. The final step is some loose powder that is the same shade as the concealer. Furthermore, women may use a dark liner on the upper eyelid, and a lighter one on the lower one, which creates an open-eyed look.

Beauty sleep

It goes without saying that your eyes need sleep in order to truly look rested and youthful. If you don’t get enough sleep, the stress results in activation of adrenal glands which overproduce stress hormones and speed up the aging process of your skin. This is the reason that you get bags under your eyes, and visible crow’s feet, making your face look aged and tired. In order to avoid this, you need to get from six to eight hours of sleep every night. The healing process happens throughout five stages of sleep, and it is necessary that your body goes through all of them without interruption. This way your cortisol and insulin level produce a greater amount of collagen, so that growth hormones can do their job and your skin can go through the reparation process.

Eyelid or brow lift surgery

In case that you don’t want a quick solution but a permanent fix to your sagging eyelids, eyelid surgery Sydney based experts suggest that you take up blepharoplasty. Blepharoplasty, which is a professional term for eyelid surgery, is a way for you to get rid of saggy lower eyelids or droopy upper ones, both of which add to the aged look of your face. What this method does is remove excess skin and tighten the remaining parts in order to get a natural lift. This will definitely lead to people noticing that you look well-rested, but won’t be able to figure out why. On the other hand, brow lift surgery elevates your eyebrows and forehead, levelling the wrinkles and opening your eyes In order to achieve a facial look that is fresh.

In summation

If you are worried about the effects of aging, or are undergoing a lot of stress and see the effects it has on your eyes, maybe you should try out one of these ways to restore the youthful look to them. You can either go for a quick fix, or decide to undergo surgery in order to truly have a fresh-looking, young face.

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