July 2012

Low Carb Diet & Its Usages

The low carb diet is my favorite diet because it is really effective and there is lots of information on it on internet. Since lots of people want to win the fight against obesity, the easiest way to start doing something is to start a diet. Good thing is that there are lots of specialists […] Read more

The Cigarette Helps Relieve Stress? Wrong!

“When I’m stressed, I smoke a little cigarette, and it relaxes me. This is why I will not quit smoking. I would be afraid of being too anxious.” In fact, tobacco is a fake anti-stress. It’s tobacco that makes anxiety! Cigarette smoking is a fake anti-stress! It was long thought that the more stressed people […] Read more

The Signs of Sleep Deprivation in Children

When a person suffers from sleep disorder he finds it difficult to have relaxed and sound sleep like others do. They do not get enough sleep and get up often during sleep. The continuation of such condition is sleep disorder and it’s not just restricted to the adults but even small children can be the […] Read more

Sleep Well To Lose Weight

Ok, so it’s not really breaking news that when you sleep less, you tend to gain more weight. Sleep deprivation has been strongly linked to stress eating and a tendency to grab meals that are high in calories and fat. However, it appears that the association is stronger. In 2010, the medical journal Annals of […] Read more