July 2013

Top 5 Celebs Who Have Had A Hair Replacement Treatment

Hair loss is one of those things that can be really embarrassing. A lot of men go to great lengths to hide their hair loss because they’re mortified that somebody will notice and make a joke out of it. Generally speaking, society is very kind towards men with male pattern baldness – just look at […] Read more

Are You Thinking of Removing that Tattoo?

When you first had that tattoo put on you were more than happy to show it off. But as the years have worn on you find yourself regretting that decision. Perhaps your tattoo has faded or blurred with age, or maybe your tastes have changed and it no longer appeals to you. Whatever the case, […] Read more

The Importance of Career Training in Health Care

Health care is one of the important fields globally nowadays. As one of the fastest growing jobs all over the world, health care field has undergone numerous developments and technology advancements in order to provide a high standard service for better outcomes. This is how the importance of career training comes into the picture. The […] Read more

10 Natural Ways To Reducing your Blood Pressure

Being diagnosed with high blood pressure or ‘hypertension’ can be quite scary. Even if you’re not yet at any serious risk, it’s still fairly daunting. It makes you question your lifestyle and your health, as well as your attitude towards your own body. You may feel a sense of guilt or even shame at allowing […] Read more