October 2012

Aging & Sleep Apnea

Some people develop sleep apnea during childhood, but many people only begin to experience this sleeping disorder later in life. For those who develop sleep apnea as they age, it can be extremely difficult to cope with the reduced amount of restful sleep and the side effects that come with it. This article will inform […] Read more

Colicky Babies Benefit From Chiropractic Care

Study of 43 infants shows less crying and more sleep: A study was conducted by doctors at the Anglo-European College of Chiropractic in the United Kingdom to determine if chiropractic care had any benefit for colicky infants. Colic is generally defined as persistent crying, not likely to be soothed by a caring parent, mainly occurring […] Read more

Achieving Weight Loss after Giving Birth

While pregnant, your body gains baby weight. After giving birth, you are probably ready to start achieving those weight loss goals you have been talking about. Your body needs to heal for a while before you get back into exercising. It will most likely depend on how you are feeling and what your doctor says. […] Read more

The Goals of Regenerative Medicine

It is considered as an innate response of the body to heal and defend itself whenever it experiences any type of injury or disease. With the help of today’s advance technology, scientists and doctors have used this natural reaction to accelerate and improve body repair. This health innovation is popularly known as regenerative medicine. Regenerative […] Read more