The Surprising Link Between Dental Health And The Rest Of Your Body

For historical reasons, dentistry is separated off from general practice. It’s a field of medicine all by itself, out in the ether, cut off from the rest of the medical world like a banished treasonous aristocrat in medieval England. As a result, people now think of their dental health as somehow being separate from the […] Read More →

10 Things Your Dentist Wants You to Know

The profession of dentistry has been riddled with images and pictures which portray it as a negative and painful affair. With time, this has become nothing but a myth. Instead of delaying dental check-ups to the last possible minute, get it over with in a timely fashion since it not only saves you a ton […] Read More →

9 Perfect Tips to Keep Your Tooth Enamel Strong

Tooth enamel is a major tissue that can be found on the surface of our teeth. It covers the crown of our teeth and has the first contact to anything that we eat or drink. Although considerably made up of strong cells and is the one responsible for protecting the teeth, being bombarded with bacteria […] Read More →

Why Mobile Dental Services Could be a Great Thing for Struggling Communities

Mobile dental units are essentially a dentist’s office fitted into a large van or bus. They allow oral care to be delivered to patients virtually anywhere that roads can reach. While they are generally not necessary in highly populated urban areas — which generally already offer a good concentration of fixed, conventional dental facilities — […] Read More →