Things To Avoid After Eating A Meal

A few years ago awareness was not a common thing. What harmed us and what was good for us were oblivious things and so people continued to harm themselves in ways they didn’t even consider.

However as science evolves and technology keeps on growing we are fortunate enough to discover numerous things every day that are not good for us.

It’s nearly impossible to live in today’s modern time because every other thing is hazardous to us.

However for those of us know hold critical information about health it’s our job to pass it on to others for safer cleaner environment and lifestyle.

Here are a few things one should avoid after consuming a meal. I bet none of you could even imagine some of the following.


Well you shouldn’t smoke at all to begin with. One of the nastiest habits one can ever acquire. Disgusting habit it is, not only do you harm yourself but you harm other around you to. Cigarettes contain nicotine and tar which causes cancer and will kill you. It’s actually slow poison if you think about it.

However if you’re a habitual smoker please refrain from lighting one of those things up because smoking one instantly after a meal is equivalent to smoking  10. Yes that harmful, keep that up and chances are you won’t see 2017.


Tea leaves contain acid, which makes us digest proteins slower and later and not to get advantage from vitamins we have in our meals.

Going for a walk

This is one of the most common misconceptions that walking after eating is very healthy. Reality however is quite different. Walking immediately after eating can cause indigestion and an upset stomach. It can also result in an upset stomach.


Yes often after a filling delicious meal we all feel the urge to take a nap in our beds especially in winters. However sleeping after eating can cause intestines problems and help you in gaining weight. Standing or sitting helps you in digesting your food however if you lie down your body will not be able to digest the food you just consumed.

Cold Water

Cold water clumps your food so it gets all lumpy together however warm water helps you digest your food better.


Fruits are easily digestible and as a matter of fact take only 20 minutes to reach your intestines. However food takes time to travel to your intestines. So when you consume fruits instantly after eating, the fruits are more likely to get stuck between the food thus getting rotten and reaching your intestines late.


Showering subsequent to having supper can meddle with the procedure of digestion. Digestion requires a great deal of vitality and a decent measure of blood stream toward the stomach. When you shower directly after having supper, it causes a slight diminishing in body temperature. It is fitting to wait 30 to 45 minutes after any dinner before showering. Or you could just shower before going to eat.


I’m sure you are familiar with the whole digestion procedure by now. Moving around too much will surely give you a stomach ache. So keep that in mind next time you’re headed towards a party.

Do not loosen your belt

If you feel the need to loosen your belt during or after supper, it basically shows you have overeaten. The propensity for relaxing your belt after an overwhelming dinner can extricate your muscular strength, prompting a major bulging stomach.

So now you know why all those sudden stomach aches and the upset stomach even though you refrained from eating out a lot. Keep these things in mind and make them your habits to avoid future trips to the emergency room or a nearby clinic.

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