April 2011

3 Easy Ways to Maintain Your Waistline Naturally

Dieting and exercise—two dirty words hated by most. While no, diet and exercise isn’t really something one trying to lose weight finds enjoyable, they are the safer alternatives to undergoing cosmetic surgery and consuming diet pills. Not only are these drastic measures to lose weight expensive, but they can ultimately result in death.  However, if […] Read more

Having A Pet Can Be The Best Medicine

We all try to live as healthy as we can, often giving too much attention to fad diets or dieting crazes that leave as quickly as they came in. There’s no substitute for a well balanced diet and a regiment of exercise. The body needs these things in order to stay as fit as possible […] Read more

Best Time To Drink Whey Protein

Whey protein powder has become a popular supplement which bodybuilders like to use as a source of high quality protein. Not only do bodybuilders like to supplement with whey, but people who are trying to lose weight as well. Whey protein is produced as a by product of cheese so it is completely natural. It […] Read more

Play Wii to Improve Your Health

Unlike other game consoles where gamers sit on the couch while playing the game, Wii has digital sensors which allow the gamers to play the game virtually. The player may have to stand in front of the TV and wave the controller based on the game for example bowling or tennis game. This feature involves […] Read more