Causes of Weight Gain

Weight gain is one of the most severe problems which today’s generation people are facing. Around 40% of the total world’s population is suffering from obesity and out of this, 45% are the children below 18 years of age.

If we go in very simple terms, weight of a person increases when he/she takes more calories than his/her body can burn out in normal day activities.


Hypothyroidism: Metabolism of the food is decreases with the deficiency of thyroid hormone which cause loss of appetite and increase the body weight. Proteins are deposited on different parts of the body in the form of fluid and fat which result in weight gain. Swelling around the eyes and on the face, decrease in sweating; weakness and coarse skin are the symptoms of weight loss.

Deficiency of fatty acid: Flaxseed oil is one of the essential fatty acids that are required to maintain the metabolic rate and hormones of the body. Dandruff and scaly skin are the symptoms of deficiency of fatty acids.

Sensitivity towards food: Sometimes it is observed that the human body is sensitive for some particular foods but the reaction is not noticed at once. It is observed in long terms when the body starts gaining weight because inflammation starts fluid retention.

Taking excess sleep: Sleeping in excess is also one of the main reasons for weight gain. When a person keeps consuming food in a normal routine but reduces his working hours and starts sleeping for more time, then he don’t get sufficient time to burn out the calories consumed during the day and it result in gaining fat on different parts of the body.

Lack of sleep: Infect lack of sleep is also one of the main reasons for gaining weight. It will sound unrealistic but it’s true. In the lack of sleep, when people continue to work for long hour going through stress, they go for consuming more calories so as to cope with extra work and stress which results in weight gain.

Depression: Depression is one of the leading reasons of gaining weight. During depression, people go for taking more calories to get sufficient energy to handle the depression which increases the body weight. Along with this, depression affects the metabolism of the body which results in increase of fat on the body.

Blood sugar imbalance: Blood sugar imbalance also increases the weight of a person. Increase of sugar in blood affects the production of anti-bodies in our body, which fight with irregularities in our body, and thus increase the weight of the body.


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