College Students Need a Healthy Breakfast Too!

Breakfast – It’s the most important meal of the day, period. Between classes at your online university do your research, find a few “Top 10 weight loss tips” lists and you will see “eat breakfast” on 7 out of 10 of those lists.

And the lists that “eat breakfast” aren’t on, probably have the tip coming in at #11. It’s a must. So. Just. Eat. It. …and make sure it’s healthy for goodness sake!

We’ve heard all the excuses:

  • I’m not hungry in the morning
  • I don’t have time
  • I usually grab something at the coffee shop I go to
  • I don’t need breakfast, I eat an early lunch
  • Blah, blah, blah…

Your body needs fuel to perform at its maximum level. Your mind needs nutrients to make the millions of connections your class load calls for. Through your sleep cycle, your body burns every ounce of fuel it can muster. So when you wake up, you’re literally running on fumes.

Kick start the machine that is the human body with a healthy breakfast! Toss out the muffins, sugar coated cereals, bagels, and doughnuts. You need nutrition. You need carbs, fiber, and protein. Carbohydrates are feared by so many people in the dieting scene, but those people are just misinformed. Whatever you eat for breakfast will be used by your body to fuel you through the day. So the carbs you take in will serve as your main fuel source, the protein will serve as the catalyst for your brains function, and the fiber will serve to keep you feeling full for as long as possible.

When considering breakfast, consider these main contributions:

  • Eggs (protein)
  • Whole wheat toast (carbohydrates)
  • Yogurt (fiber and healthy probiotic nutrients)
  • Granola (fiber, antioxidants, healthy fats, carbohydrates and protein)
  • Milk (Just drink it…listen to your mother)
  • Orange Juice (Vitamin C and D)

Now, you don’t have to eat all these things in one meal – but use them as a guideline to keep your breakfast options open, unique, and exciting. Remember, you can’t eat too much for breakfast – so fill up, this is the one meal that nutritionists allow you to “stuff your face” – because it should be the biggest meal of your day.

One a weight loss note, eating breakfast is important because it kick starts your metabolism. Your metabolism is working constantly, all day long. How hard it’s working depends on your physical activity and what type of fuel you’re putting into your body and when. Waking up and doing some minimal exercise to get your muscles going and then following that with a healthy breakfast will do wonders for your weight loss regimen.

Now, about the time factor – just make time. Wake up 5 minutes earlier in order to give yourself the opportunity to supply your body with the fuel it needs to make it through the day as efficiently as possible. Your grades will notice the difference.

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