Headache: How To Get Rid of It

Most people has experienced the headache which in fact there is no one in this earth who did not suffer from any type of headache in his or her lifetime.

The common types of headache are tension headache, migraines, cluster headaches and sinus headaches. You might experience tension headaches if you work too much, miss your meals or don’t get enough sleep. There are only a few kinds of headaches, which are serious and need to be put under higher consideration.

Headaches can have many factors and most of them are related to lifestyle. Headaches caused by serious factors also happen in rare cases. Most people can feel much better by improves their lifestyle such as learning ways to get more relax and relieve themselves from stress and pain.

There are a lot of ways that you can do to get rid of the headache and you can try one by one if the method that you do is not successful.

The most natural step is by getting enough fresh air. Try to breathing deeply and get enough fresh air from the environment as much as possible. Some headache cases might happen because of you don’t get enough air to your muscles so this method might be an effective one for you. Sometimes you might don’t know the exact cause of your headache so try to cover all angles and make your environment better for your senses. Consider all aspects of your surroundings to get a better environment to relieve your pain.

The other method is to drink more water. Dehydration might be the cause of your headache so try to take pure water that helps your kidneys and organs to function properly and detoxifies the body, which can ease the headache. Drink warm water as cold water might increase the pain.

The next suggestion is by using ice packs. You can find ice packs at your drugstore or pharmacy. Put a cold rag on your neck or forehead and let it cool down your head for a few minutes. You can use a moist hot pack instead of ice pack. See which method works best for you.

If you cannot resist the pain anymore, take a nap. You might feel the headache because you need some rest. Lack of sleep is one of the factor resulting in a headache so take enough sleep and if you got the headache because of lack of sleep, you will find the headache gone after you wake up.

Headache usually annoying and causing your works and daily activities to mess up so it is better to take the precaution before you experience it and if you got one, try to implement the suggested methods above.

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  • I remember when I was a kid, I always get a headache after every school and what I do is just take a nap.

    Nowadays, I get headache due to stress. It’s really helpful to take a break for a few minutes, step outside, clear your mind and breathe fresh air.

  • I think stress is the primary reason to develop a headache. I know my head hurts when I have a deadline due, and my nerves get all cranky.

  • very informative~


  • Good suggestions. I tend to pop a few aspirins, but sometimes that doesn’t always work.

  • Next time when a get headache I’ll follow instructions from post above.

    Thanks & regards

  • I’ll print this post and read it again. Think that’s right way to think about our health and life.

    • I feel more ‘normal’ now, thanks to your article Alan. If that man is not capable of bringing that side out of
      me when we are alone together, he will never see that side
      of me. People who practice cuckolding are free minded people who are able to discuss issues among them in a free manner.

  • I have found that oxygen also works for a headache. Hook up to an oxygen concentrator for 20 minutes and you should feel some relief.

  • The tips you have added to get rid of headache helped me a lot in my life.Thanks a lot.Please add more tips like this.

  • People overlook the role stress has on headaches. Stress can cause you to clench your teeth together, especially while you sleep, which can cause bad headaches in the morning.

  • Most of the time when I have headache I takes the pain killer and it helps within few minutes to give relief from headache.

  • i have a Headached, i do not know the accurate reason. maybe it is cold or hign spirit pressure.

    i want to get rid of it through Sauna, two times both fail. after that, i found some article that they think sauna will run out some enegry of your body.

    so, it will be harm for your headached, Not benefit

    SO, take this note for everyone

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