Medical Tourism

Have you ever heard of medical tourism?

Medical tourism which also called as health tourism defines the practice of traveling over international countries for healthcare needs and motives. It sometimes being referred as healthcare providers traveling over international orders to fulfill healthcare needs and purposes.

Medical tourism is growing rapidly nowadays and actively being promoted in many countries such as Greece, Jordan, Philippines, Singapore and Malaysia.

Currently it becomes a common trend to see people flying to other countries to receive medical treatment or for any healthcare purposes. Medical tourism becomes a booming business as a particular country or region might not provide the treatment that is needed by a person. The other popular factor is the difference between treatment price between countries where a person has the chance to get lower price in some countries for the same treatment in other countries which charge higher treatment cost.

People might go for medical tourism due to some reasons such as:

  • Some medical procedures and treatment are less expensive abroad.
  • The quality of healthcare facilities abroad has improved a lot in recent years.
  • Going abroad may be the only way to get certain treatments.
  • You can tie your health care needs to a well deserved vacation.

Although provides many advantages, medical tourism also involves some risks. For example there are infectious disease in some countries such as Malaysia and Thailand which are different to Europe and other regions. This situation could lead to different views, perspectives and treatments. Other similar risk is the possibility for misdiagnose as different cultures and lifestyle results in different perception such as HIV, TB or other diseases which are defined as “common” in particular region and lifestyle but referred as “rare” in other regions.

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  • I never heard about medical tourism. Thanks for such a valuable information. Mostly the purpose of people is as you told to get certain treatments & to a well deserved vacation.

  • Health care seminars and meetings are the best source of information,they enhance our knowledge about the health and make us more caring of ourselves.soom

  • Now I know medical tourism means. Thanks.

  • in my opinion most people do medical tourism for the cost difference , ! thanks alot for this info

  • I love the term Medical tourism, definitely something that could soon be considered an industry unto itself. I have a friend who does this to an extent because the medication that helps him the most is not available in the United States, so he goes abroad to places where this drug is available for prescription to get the proper help he needs.

  • You also have dental tourism in Europe – a lot of British people go to Budapest for dental treatment.

  • I never know that what does it mean by Medical tourism. But it is one of the nice idea to travel for different countries for the health care purpose. China is one of the beautiful country of the world and one can really enjoy in China for the health care purpose.

  • Its really sometimes very useful.Medical tourism is definitely something which will change the future of health.

  • thanks for post this usefull informations, i never heard about it before.

  • I am so glad that Philippines is one of the countries that actively embraced medical tourism. Yes, I have seen many representatives here that promote health care to different races around the world. Thanks for the information! Cheers!

  • I don’t think I could trust a doctor in another country, who I’ve never seen and reuires opayment to perform any sort of medical procedure on me, i just wouldn’t take the risk. Any procedure carries a risk, so what if it all goes wrong and your stuck in another country? At that point i’d imaging you would wish you hadn’t bothered.

  • Great information about this. I live in Cleveland and due to our great cardiovascular unit, even the princes from Saudi Arabic travel to Ohio for healthcare. In some ways its good, but again limits the best haelthcare to the extremely rich.

  • In medical tourism a good quality and affordable price of health care provided internationally has spawned a group that engages many people in this tourism process.It is the practice of traveling to another country in order to receive health care.

  • It is new and innovative idea to treat the people’s and to acknowledge them about the various diseases cure and to tips to keep them healthy and fit through the way of Medical Tourism. It is gaining popularity day by day and intiated by many countries. It is really a very good idea and medium to take care of our health.

  • If you are undertaking certain kinds of tourist programs that is always a great one for all kind of health association.

  • Thanks a lot for the insight. I’ve been involved with a few projects which actually take a look at medical tourism, at first I thought it was a joke but my goodness after being educated it really has a lot of great opportunities. If you could recommend some placement agencies I would be very greatful

  • If we look as the aspect of global health, medical tourism is a pejorative. Still medical tourism is something new and great idea, hope that it goes on increasing and people can get benefits through them.

  • You know, I’ve known people that have gone to the ends of the earth to get different kinds of treatment but never saw it as a form of tourism.

  • Today medical tourism worked as global and there are many company offer medical tourism with great offer and discount also.This blog to more aware to me for medical tourism.

  • I have to say…of course medical tourism! Unfortunately in the US we don’t pay enough attention to alternative forms of health, like prevention. I’m not surprised.

  • Honestly, this is my first time to read about Medical Tourism. When I see the term Medical Tourism, the first thing that came up to my mind is a person who travels to provide health care needs which is the opposite of the exact meaning of the term. I think the reason that most people travel abroad to seek medical treatment is to have a less expense treatment abroad and secondly is to seek quality treatment abroad.

  • Nice post on medical tourism. Much awareness brought.

  • The procedure is medically necessary, urgent, but more often is treated as elective cosmetic surgery or dental care.Depending on the location and procedure, medical vacation can cost a small percentage of what you would pay at home.

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  • This can be a great idea to save costs but you should check out any testamonials carefully.

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