Prestigious Golden Key International Honor Society Recognizes World Leaders

Golden Key is an international honor society that recognizes academic achievement, leadership and service in selecting members from colleges and universities around the world. The society has 400 chapters in eight countries and more than two million members. Honorary memberships have been awarded to such notable leaders in their fields as Desmond Tutu, Bill Clinton and Dr. Susan Lim.

Members of the Golden Key International Honor Society have access to over $1 million in scholarships, career advancement opportunities and graduate programs. Working with administrators and faculty at institutions of higher learning around the world, the Golden Key endeavors to maintain the highest education standards.

Founded in 1977 at Georgia State University, Golden Key grew to 50 chapters by 1984. Its name was changed in 1991 to the Golden Key International Honor Society to reflect its international presence with chapters outside of the United States. The three pillars officially adopted by the Golden Key are academics, leadership and service.

The Golden Key has awarded grants and scholarships exceeding of $8 million since its inception. Today, the society awards $1 million in scholarships to its members and alumni each year. Other society programs include study abroad opportunities and scholarships for those individuals who might not be financially able to take advantage of them.

Because it is one of the society’s three pillars, leadership workshops and seminars are offered to Golden Key members to help them enhance and develop leadership skills. Opportunities to practice their leadership abilities are offered through regional and international summits.

Golden Key members and alumni are provided with opportunities for networking on a global scale. An annual international summit is held biennially and several regional summits are held each year. The summits offer members a chance to mingle with other members to share ideas and form professional relationships that members can use to advance their careers.

Membership in the Golden Key International Honor Society is by invitation only. Prospective members must be in the top 15 percent of sophomores, juniors and seniors at colleges and universities. Graduate students are evaluated for membership on the basis of academic achievement.

Cultivating a relationship with the corporate world has allowed Golden Key to prosper and better serve its members. The nonprofit Golden Key has benefited from corporate contributions to the Golden Key International Honor Society Foundation, established in 2009. The foundation supports the society’s programs, including its university activities, training programs, membership benefits and education services.

Other benefits of the Golden Key International Honor Society’s connections to the corporate world are the job opportunities and internships offered to members through the organization’s job boards and global internship initiative. The internship program gives Golden Key members priority in applying for more than 5,000 internships in 11 cities around the globe.

Golden Key International Honor Society offers students from across the globe opportunities to further develop the qualities of academic achievement, leadership and service that helped them to achieve Golden Key membership in the first place.

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