Untold Myths & Facts About Weight Loss

Weight loss is a widely discussed topic among people of all ages. So, it’s no wonder that there are countless solutions on offer in the market from different sources. But the million dollar question is which ones among those are actually effective and can show effective results.

You might have tried all the popular solutions right from being on a tough diet to working out in the gym and going for walks -miles after miles, but might not have got the desired results. Have you ever considered how much foolproof those methods might be before following them? Friends and colleagues might have advised you to take some green tea or products like raspberry ketone, white kidney bean, D-aspertic acid or even Dendrobium; but you might have ignored those suggestions, being convinced by the easy way-out like that of doing 30 minutes of walking every day for a few weeks.

However, if you are pretty serious about losing weight, this is the time to become aware of the different myths about weight loss, along with some simple solutions to shed those kilos as mentioned below:

No eating after 6pm as it causes weight gain

This myth was basically generated from the idea that our metabolism slows down during the hours we sleep. So, the later you eat, the lesser time your body has to burn those calories. But quite unfortunately, there are no scientific evidences behind such theories, because even when your metabolism slows down, it doesn’t stop completely. Most importantly, there are many countries in the world wherein people dine after 9 or 10 pm and in spite of following this habit for years, they are not suffering from obesity. According to the nutritionists, you must notice what you eat and in what quantity, instead of watching the time when you are consuming the food.

Workout in just 30 minutes, for only 3 days a week

Even though this is one of the most conventional advice given by doctors to numerous people, it is not quite true. Recent researches show that at least one hour of exercise for five to seven days a week is required to get visible effects. While you can start with a regime of 30 minutes each day, it must be increased to one hour gradually. Moreover, you can’t expect the same result from walking that you are supposed to get by working out because walking doesn’t help burn as many calories as running and other types of workouts can do.

Diet is the key to permanent weight loss

Whether you are living only on fruit juice and bread throughout the day, or have considered following something offbeat like “caveman diet” or “kosher diet”, your weight loss plan is most likely to fail. In fact, professionals are of the opinion that diet is nothing but a favorite pastime for most people, which include the processes of altering the eating patterns temporarily, losing a bit of weight and then again going back to the old habits. It is almost impossible to follow the special types of diet since they eliminate specific group of foods like that of pasta, breads, dairy, rice, etc., which in turn makes them quite incompatible with the present food culture.

While there are no such magical formulas for weight loss, natural products like green tea or products that consist of natural ingredients (e.g. white kidney bean, raspberry ketone, Dendrobium, and D-aspertic acid) can actually be of some help. Raspberry ketone can effectively improve the process of fat loss by following multiple mechanisms of action as it reduces the fat absorption and boosts the process of fat breakdown and calorie expenditure. Again, white kidney bean is a completely natural product, which reduces the absorption of carbohydrates. Dendrobium and D-aspertic acid too are known to help weight loss.

The weight loss is not a miracle that can happen overnight. You need to exercise daily and maintain a healthy diet complemented by supplements like green tea, raspberry ketone etc. to enjoy fast and effective results.

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