August 2012

Advantages of Having a Portable Vaporizer

World is advancing and there are a lot of gadgets being introduced and the available gadgets are being enhanced with various features. Portable vaporizer is one of the latest gadgets that has become popular in smokers. However, people may use it to vaporize herbs and inhale the fumes for its health benefits. One of the […] Read more

Choosing the Right Home Care for Your Parents

Choosing and looking for the right home care for your mom and dad can become very tiring, time consuming and sometimes time confusing. This is due to the fact that you have to consider the needs, requirements, features and costs that will affect your parents and your family in the future. Let’s take a look […] Read more

Nicotine, Sex, Alcohol & the Brain!

Nicotine, alcohol and sex tend to be viewed as the three greatest pleasures in life. Why they are viewed this way has a lot to do with the stimulating effect they have on the brain, although not all of them are equally good for you. Nicotine and its effect on the brain Nicotine is known […] Read more

5 Positive Effects of Sweets to your Mouth and Teeth

Crooked Teeth are often associated with sweets like candies, ice creams and other sweet foods that we intake. Because of the bacteria, virus and parasites that build inside our mouth, it diverts food particles into acids that harm our teeth. But did you know that sweets also have a positive effect in our teeth? In […] Read more