5 Positive Effects of Sweets to your Mouth and Teeth

Crooked Teeth are often associated with sweets like candies, ice creams and other sweet foods that we intake.

Because of the bacteria, virus and parasites that build inside our mouth, it diverts food particles into acids that harm our teeth. But did you know that sweets also have a positive effect in our teeth? In this article, we will discuss the Good effects of sweets to the teeth.

There is a chemical substance called the xylitol. It is a sugar substitute that could fight tooth decay which balances the pH level (potential hydrogen) that increases the cavity-causing bacteria in our mouths. It also reduces cavities and lower calories that match sugar content.

Chewing gum

Chewing a gum lets us produce more saliva than the usual. It increases the antibodies that our mouth produce to prevent tooth-decay. Thus, do not throw your gum immediately after the sweetness is gone. Keep chewing it for at least 5 minutes to prevent your teeth from having sugar rush.

Gummy bears

Some gummy bears contain xylitol that helps us balance the cavity-causing bacteria inside our mouth. Unfortunately, not all gummy bears possess this content. You should watch out how many pieces you already taken. Too much of everything is bad.

Flavored Toothpaste

Kids don’t like spicy texture of adult toothpaste. That’s probably the reason why other toothpaste company release “kiddie toothpastes” for kids to enjoy brushing with the sweet flavor that cleans their teeth and helps them have fresh breath at the same time. Prevent from brushing your teeth more than 2 minutes, it could hurt your sensitive gums and it may cause bleeding gums.

Flavored Mouthwash

We don’t usually like mouthwash’s bitter and super minty taste. This is why lots of mouthwash products release their own flavors like lychee, cinnamon, chocolate, etc.

It helps our mouth feel much cleaner and fresher with an after-taste effect. Best to gargle 3 times a day after every meal.

Mint Fresheners

Mint fresheners usually have a sweet flavor to capture our taste buds, so we won’t feel fed up to sip its flavor while it helps clean our mouth and gives us fresh breaths. This is also one of the effective cleaners of your mouth when you forgot to bring your toothbrush and toothpaste with you.

These are some sweets that produce a positive effect in our teeth and mouth, but still… preventing sugar is the best way for a healthy strong teeth and clean fresh breath.

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