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Some ovarian cysts are harmless while others have an imminent threat to a woman’s health. There are various ovarian cyst’s treatment depending on individual circumstances.

In most cases different types of cysts are functional and developing at the end of a woman’s menstrual cycle.

They typically clear up on their own however the problem comes when it can’t be released and causes pain for a woman.

Ovarian cyst pelvic pain is not an easy thing to deal with. Once you’ve been diagnosed with a cyst you might assume that the only solution to overcome the pain is through medication. Yes, it offers you some relief but you have to take medications that can have disruptive side effects which some of you will not favor it.

There are some natural ways to relieve the pain that are safe and effective. Let’s see some ways of ovarian cyst pain relief.

Some of the popular suggestions are:

  • Using antioxidant supplements
  • Consuming herbs
  • Go for homeopathic
  • Practicing special diets

Try using heat at home as a remedy to help with ovarian cyst pelvic pain. The heat can come from a hot water bottle or a heating pad. Some women find that a warm bath is effective and you can get the best results by direct the pain towards your back. Place a towel between your skin and the heat source so there’s no redness. Heating your medicinal treatment is also a nice practice.

One more way for ovarian cyst pain relief is by practicing healthy meal. Certain foods can be useful in reducing pain. Find the ones that are considered natural diuretics such as lettuce, tomatoes, carrots, and cucumbers. You can also take herbal teas, chamomile, raspberry and mint teas. Try drinking herbal teas instead of coffee as caffeine may be a stimulant for the pain. Eliminate estrogen rich foods such as non-organic red meat and dairy products. You should avoid alcohol and iron supplement unless your doctor tells you to take it.

Drinking water throughout the day can also help the ovarian cyst pain relief. If you feel boring of taking plain water add a bit of lemon or lime juice to it and a mint leaf. Empty your bladder more regularly when you’re drinking this much fluid where delaying your time to the toilet can actually cause more discomfort in your pelvis, and this is something that you want to avoid.

Another tips is always wear loose clothes. I see most women nowadays wear tight and squeezing clothing and it can increase the pain causes by ovarian cyst. Wear looser shirts & pants and you will probably feel that your pain from ovarian cysts been relieved in certain level.

Although the tips above seems to work, the best way is to seek fro doctor’s advice on the best way you can get rid of your ovarian cyst pain including go for operation or taking some medicine. But don’t forget every second is important and it’s worth to try the suggestions mentioned above.

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  • Great post.

    An increasing number of people are becoming interested in the healing properties of crystals – otherwise known as Tumblestones. It is believed that the stones Carnelian, Chrysoprase and Ruby in Zoisite are very good for helping problems with the ovaries.

    Hope this helps


  • this disease is really annoying for some women and maybe they hope never diagnosed.
    but as the modern age today, there are many solution to get free from it

  • I agree that warm bath or warm compress on your pelvic area could reduced pain when you have an ovarian cyst, warm help to opens up blood vessels and increase arteriolar dilation. This results in more delivery of oxygen nutrients, antibodies and leukocytes to the area where in you applied to, thus reduced pain. But I am confused about the iron supplement does it add to your pain, when you have an ovarian cyst? In what way?

  • Charlotte DWI

    I understand now why iron should be avoided when you have a ovarian cyst its because this cells are feed on iron, resulting to increase the size of the cyst. Thanks for the information. Nice post..!!!

  • Thanks for this informative post. what are some examples of the herbs that can be used to relieve pain from ovarian cysts? I have a relative who is diagnosed with it. Hope it can help her.

  • as a woman it’s really scary to think of becoming a prone to ovarian cyst which can lead to cancer so it’s always necessary to have a regular trip the obgyne.

  • Suffer cyst, made me larger than before. Fact to share with you, do not take herbs as you confirm cyst. it will make cyst grown faster.

  • Thank you for that great information… As a women we could have it anytime so must be very aware of it… Health is very important…

  • The presence of an ovarian cyst is common in women of childbearing age. An ovarian cyst is usually a pocket of fluid, blood or tissue into an ovary or on its surface. Most ovarian cysts are harmless and cause no symptoms. Some cause pain and lead a very small percentage of the ovary.

  • These is great information some of the suggestion which i like the most such as Using antioxidant supplements, Consuming herbs
    these both can give good benefit with these symptom.

  • Another excellent natural ovarian cyst pain relief technique is warm water bath. Warm water bath twice a day can make a huge difference to the abdominalI.In case the pain becomes unbearable.

  • This post is very informatory and I like reading the insights like using antioxidants supplements, herbs as an alternative approach in helping the fight against ovarian cyst.

  • The most important thing to keep in mind is that there are basically two dietary factors that can be considered as major causes of making these cysts.
    1: estrogen-laden foods
    2: high carbohydrate consumption
    Higher levels of estrogen production feed cysts. On the other hand, higher carb consumption leads to a prominent gain of weight, as well as the storage of estrogen in fat cells. Enlarged fat cells lead to high estrogen storage. High estrogen next leads to ovarian cysts that don’t dissolve easily and cause pain to the patient.

  • One of my family member faced the same cyst pain and she checked up with many doctors but after some time the pain starts again. I am going to share this post with her, hope your suggestions can help her!

  • Reduce iron, increase water intake. I’ll pass this on to our at home patients that have been asking about this, thanks!

  • It is extremely important for any woman who is experiencing ovarian cyst pain to include many various antioxidant foods and supplements as this condition could be a precursor to cancer and the more antioxidants in the body, the better the chances of avoiding this catastrophe.

  • Ovarian cyst pelvic pain is really painful and it’s really hard to manage it. So it’s always better to go for medication as soon as possible so that one can get relief from it.

  • It’s always better to find natural remedies to heal health problem’s. You provide great info here.

  • Cyst pelvic pain is really painful which can’t be handle easily. Even when one is diagnosed they also can’t bare the pain. But still now atleast medication is possible for this disease.

  • Meditation has been shown to be very effective at managing a lot of conditions where the underlying symptoms are pain and where drugs or surgery are either unsafe or impractical. It doesn’t take much time, only a few minutes a day, but done daily can be a very good complement to other therapies and natural remedies.

  • Awesome post,yea it is very true that Ovarian cyst pelvic pain is not an easy thing to deal with.I always prefer antioxidant supplements in such circumstances

  • Great post. I heard about this disease but do not this much. Your shared suggestions will be helpful to the person who is suffering from this disease. Appreciating for this wonderful post.

  • In most cases different types of cysts are functional and developing at the end of a woman’s menstrual cycle. They typically clear up on their own however the problem comes when it can’t be released and causes pain for a woman.

  • Hi Naimah,

    Great article, well written. i want the underline that, you have to drink water often to help the ovarian cyst pain relief..

    as it is mentioned in the article already, just pay attention to water.

  • Yes, I agree about that. Very important to save a healthy

  • I did not know that water helped and I like the idea of homeopathic ideas for pain relief. Thanks for the great tips.

  • The best thing I’ve done to reduce my cyst pain is to eliminate sugar from my diet for a while. This will shrink the cysts. If you follow a good enough diet you can eliminate the cysts altogether. Its all in what we eat. Don’t let your doctor put you on meds.

  • I just wanted to post up a short story about my mother. She has just found out she has ovarian cysts and is having surgery in October this year to remove them. Now for the actual horror story. She has been to at least 12 doctors and placed on multiple medications for various ailments before discovering the cause. She had massive pains in her abdomen for almost a year and has been on sugar free diets, glutten free diets, etc.. to resolve. If you are having these kind of pains be sure to ask for a cat scan to check for cysts…

  • How painful is it having an ovarian cyst?

  • Thank you for that advice … As a women we could have it anytime so must be very aware of it… Health is very important…

  • Estelle

    To :charlotte@lemonade diet

    For me, it can be very painful to the point I am unable to go to work or do anything but lay down, I really dislike dealing with this. They come over month or every other month. Sometimes its a dull pain, sometimes very painful, causing me to cry. I don’t want to go on meds. I am going to try to reduce my sugar and alcohol intake esp. around this time of the month. OTC pain relievers do very little for this pain. Warm baths definitely help. What antioxidants ruch foods should I be eating?

  • Cramping has always been a normal part of my period since I started my period, but the pain was gone completely unbearable.

  • Nice suggestions! I usually deal with cramping problem, I will use these above tips.

  • Thanks for the post. I really love surfing for information about Escorts and found your article today through Google after killing a bit of time on the net. Cheers again and keep up the blogging.

  • I agree with you,they should have more care.

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