Telomeres and Telomerase

When it is about cell proliferation, cellular senescence and human aging, Telomeres and Telomerase are the two most important concepts about which an understanding should be cleared.

It is believed that Telomeres and Telomerase are a true secret for aging and can be a source of cell death which can result in cancer.

Telomere is defined as the chromosomes ends at the end of the damaged DNA. While Telomerase is defined as an enzyme made of protein and RNA, a loss of genomic sequences at each replicated cycle which can also be compensated by adding the terminal sequences through different mechanisms.

Cellular aging, also referred to senescence occurs when observed as an analogue clock. When the clock cycles wound, the cell becomes immortal and then continuously produces new cells but in case the clock moves downwards then the cell stops making new cell and eventually dies. It has been found through a research that when a human get cancer, the number of telomerase cells doubles in the cancer cells as compared to normal human cells. But if we shut down or somehow close the functionality of Telomerase cells, it would shorten itself from the cancer cells.

Telomerase is a protein component, while telomere is found in cancer cells. Telomeres and Telomerase is also related to transplanted cells and cloning other than just cellular aging and cancer. When we are dealing with cellular aging, then issues occur regarding Sensitive Skin Care and various DMAE Creams and lotions are used by people in this regard.

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If the researchers keep on going with finding more information and facts about Telomeres and Telomerase cells, it is said that it will be easy to fight cancer and overcome cellular aging and also bring some remarkable findings in the history of medical treatment.

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