Tips on How to Take Care of your Skin Type

The importance of knowing your skin type cannot be underscored enough. When you know of your skin type, you are in a better position of taking better care of it. Ayurveda philosophy takes the knowledge of skin types a notch higher. It categorizes skin based on its characteristics and not just on how dry or […] Read more

Find A Dermatologist For All Your Skin Related Needs

Getting clean, clear and glowing skin is everybody’s wish. There are many products that guarantee good and flawless skin. However, the results of using beauty creams are variable. Apart from applying various products on your skin, it is essential to cleanse your body system also. Thus maintaining a balance diet is very essential for radiant […] Read more

Lowering the Risk and Severity of Scarring after Surgery

The fact that scars are a part of natural healing process of the body after a surgery, can best be seen in the fact that most of the procedures that one may go through, except some lesser ones, usually result in scars. Although scars are completely natural, and in some cases also completely harmless phenomenon […] Read more

Looking After Your Skin To Prevent Spots

Many of us assume that spots are something that we suffer we as teenagers and then get over. For a most of us this is the case, but actually there is nothing to stop spots from coming back. It is essential that you look after your skin to stop zits and spots from growing on […] Read more