Nadia Johnson

Social Distancing Measure to Combat COVID-19

Keeping a safe distance doesn’t just help keep you healthy, but it could save the life of someone more vulnerable to the disease.

Health Perks Every Employee Should Look For

If you’re in a position to think about negotiating for perks when you get a job, it’s likely that future plans, monetarily and skill-wise, will be at the top of your concerns. However, you shouldn’t ignore the way that the right employer can make it significantly easier for you to live a healthier life. Here […] Read more

The Surprising Link Between Dental Health And The Rest Of Your Body

For historical reasons, dentistry is separated off from general practice. It’s a field of medicine all by itself, out in the ether, cut off from the rest of the medical world like a banished treasonous aristocrat in medieval England. As a result, people now think of their dental health as somehow being separate from the […] Read more

Turn Your Passion For Health Into A Career

Are you passionate about health and well being? If so, you could find meaning in your life by turning your passion for health into a career. The health industry is an industry that allows you to help others, so you should find it immensely satisfying work. Read on for some tips to help you! Decide […] Read more