Women Acne Treatment

Acne is a common condition especially in females since the primary cause of acne is identified to be hormonal shifts in the body.

Female acne sufferers cannot be categorized only as adolescent females since adult and older females suffer from acne as well. However acne during adulthood or older ages basically requires a different treatment where the medications would be stronger and the skin care products would vary more based on individual cases.

Over the counter medications that can prove to be effective include gels and creams such  benzoyl peroxide, erythromycin and clindamycine. Depending on the severity of the acne such medication usually helps reduce acne however if the acne condition is serious oral medication or stronger antibiotics might be the only option.

Skin care products can do the trick especially if they contain ingredient holding healing properties. The moisturizers and face wash that are used for acne should be non comedogenic or in other words oil free. Comedogenic products can prove to be rather harmful for the skin therefore it is recommended that such products are completely avoided by acne sufferers.

Medication that varies a little bit from topical treatment includes tretinoin. Retionoids such as Renova and Avita are good for abating the acne condition. For females suffering from acne as a result of hormonal shifts birth control pills is a favorable cure in terms of keeping the hormones in balance as well as keeping the mood changes in check.

In cases where the acne is very severe and no other treatment is viable, accutane can be used for treatment. This is an oral isotretinoin which can cure acne permanently however the medication needs to be taken for a longer duration of time and its side effects are considerably harmful. It is recommended that pregnant females do not take this medication and refer to a dermatologist for further information.

According to research the cure that has proved to be more effective and less harmful is constant care for hygiene, diet and skin. Keeping a lookout for one’s health makes it far less likely for acne to develop. It also helps avoids suffering from series of side effects where the chances of permanent acne treatment is not guaranteed.

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