Julian Hooks

How to Alleviate Constipation and Promote Good Digestive Health

You must be wondering what is it in fiber that enables every healthy fanatic to love it, not just for it being delicious, but also for it being a digestive system health watcher. There has been a raise in awareness knowing that not everybody loves fiber, regardless of the known and obvious benefits this food […] Read more

What Are Nootropics & Why Were They Banned in the Olympics

There have been several movies and television shows created about the seemingly fantasy notion of expanding the abilities of the human mind. With a simple pill, the main character suddenly has access to more of their brain function than ever before and they perform superhero-like feats that astound the world. For example, the movie “Limitless” […] Read more

26 Holiday Dieting Tips That Will Keep You Food Coma Free [Infographic]

Planning your holiday dieting tips as well as applying a few tips & tricks can help you maintain your weight throughout this holiday season or possibly achieving your dream of losing weight as well. Check out these holiday dieting that will keep you food coma free. Courtesy of: RatingDietPlans.com   […] Read more

What Type Of 20 Minute Workout Routine You Should Follow To Remove Body Fat?

Losing body fat could be one of the stingiest tasks to do. That is the reason why people inquire and frequently ask questions about what type of 20 minute workout routines they can start doing to remove that body fat that they really do not need. If you are also someone who wants to remove […] Read more