Parents: Here’s How to Help Your Child Cope with Stress and Anxiety

From time to time, we all experience various levels of stress and anxiety – and the same goes for our children. A certain amount of fear and anxiety is to be expected during childhood and adolescence. Children and teens will occasionally have their own unique insecurities, stresses about school, nervousness about first dates, and so much […] Read More →

3 Tips for Making Healthy Eating Fun for Your Child

I live with with my sister’s three kids (ages 10, 8, and 5) and I have never seen such picky eaters in my life. I love them to death, of course, but their eating habits are horrendous. Their parents both work and are always busy, so they’ve grown up on what I’ve deemed their “essential […] Read More →

Common Children’s Health Issues & How To Deal With Them

Most people know a lot about health problems that affect adults, but the bulk of folks out there have little knowledge when it comes to their kids. Thankfully, there aren’t that many serious common health issues you need to watch out for. The chances are that your child won’t have to deal with that much […] Read More →

How to Stop Bedwetting

At age 5, approximately 20% of children still have regular bedwetting episodes. The spontaneous remission rate for bedwetting is 15% each year, meaning that if your child wets the bed there’s an 85% chance they’ll still be wetting the bed a year from now. Causes of Bedwetting Many factors can cause nighttime wetting or enuresis. […] Read More →