Blog Carnival (December 15, 2010)

Welcome to the December 15, 2010 edition of daily healthcare.

axel presents Health And Food posted at axel g.

Dennis presents Do You Believe in Cardio for Bodybuilders? Borrowed Garments Never Fit Well! posted at “Extrim Fitness – Stripper workout secrets”, saying, “My name is Dennis and I do not afraid to speak loudly what I really think about bodybuilding and other subjects. Now I am going to tell you why cardio workout is bad idea if your target is maximum muscle gain.”

Victoria Kennedy presents 17 Disease Control Experts Worth Following on Twitter posted at Masters in Healthcare Administration, saying, “Disease outbreaks are big news, but sometimes only in the areas that are most greatly affected. Fortunately Twitter is a useful tool to help spread the word.”

Madeleine Begun Kane presents Jittery Limerick posted at Mad Kane’s Humor Blog.

Irving Berlin presents Nurse Practitioner Programs posted at Comments on: The Ultimate Guide to the Nurse Practitioner Career, saying, “Sometimes a nurse practitioner needs to be able to discuss frustrations and get advice from others who understand them. Luckily, the Internet provides a way to interact with others from around the world.”

Jeremy Friedman presents The Health Potion: Exercises You Can Do From The Computer | posted at, saying, “a short list of exercises that you can easily execute in your very own den or office with minimal equipment necessary.”

mrs laughton presents 18 Essential Web Applications for Physical Therapists posted at Masters in Physical Therapy, saying, “Physical therapy can be a demanding job. You may be an in-home therapist, visiting several patients a day, or may work in a busy PT office. These web apps can make the job easier.”

Preity Smith presents 15 Great Films Every Med Student Should See posted at, saying, “It’s important to take a step back from the books and refresh your perspective on medicine, health care, and the difference you’ll make through your research and patient care.”

Dr. Vanessa Petrini presents Winter is here again! Have fun and stay healthy! posted at Strategies for Healthy Living, saying, “Winter is here again! Have fun and stay healthy!”

Kevin Poulis presents – Health, Nutrition, Diet and Fitness Answers For Healthier Living posted at

Alexander Peter presents Reebok Foam Roller Review posted at Foam Roller – Exercises and Stretches you can do yourself., saying, “A review of some firm foam roller that you can use to loosen muscles and exercise your body.”

Graham Alice presents Recipes for Runners: 100 Delicious Dishes for Every Step of the Way posted at Masters in Health Care.

Charles Chua C K presents What do you value in life? posted at All About Living with Life.

Nesher presents Sleep Deprivation as Cure for Depression posted at Clinical Depression: Symptoms and Treatment.

Virginia Hensley presents 18 Educational Open Courseware Classes About Medical Careers posted at Nurse Practitioner Education, saying, “Deciding exactly what avenue in healthcare you’d like to explore can be a big decision, because there are so many careers in healthcare from which to choose. Here are 18 open courseware classes that can give you insight into some of the careers in healthcare.”

Linda@NHE presents The Dangers of Food Additives and Preservatives posted at Natural Health Ezine, saying, “Find out what to avoid when reading labels at the grocery store.”

Kathy Woodson presents Secrets Most People Don’t Know about Losing Weight posted at Weight Management Info.

Dean presents Green Tea Diet and Weight Loss posted at Green Tea Maven, saying, “here are some tips to losing weight naturally with green tea”

DNA presents Best Friends Find Out They’re Actually Sisters?! DNA Siblingship Testing Helps Unite Brothers and Sisters Worldwide | DNA Testing Now posted at DNA Testing Blog, saying, “Sibling DNA Testing determines the statistical probability of whether two people share the same parents or not; after both Brandy and Heidi were tested, the girls anxiously awaited the results that would prove once and for all whether they were, in fact, related or not.”

Morgan Schwartz presents Letting Go of Processed Food: Challenging, But Worth It! posted at What’s Fresh, saying, “After attending a Real Foods lecture, guest contributor Keri Rheinfrank gives them a try. This means not only cutting out fast food but taking baby steps—planning groceries, finding local farms, discovering new snacks—to achieve her goal: an 80/20 diet.”

Andrea Carter presents 30 Incredible iPad Apps for Weight Loss posted at Masters in Nursing, saying, “Losing weight is an ongoing battle for many, but thanks to handy tools like the iPad, you can take your plan with you wherever you go. This weeds out the excuses for those who travel and are short on time for devoting to grocer shopping, calorie counting and keeping up with what goes into their system.”

axel presents Accepting People As They Are posted at axel g.

Alvaro Cramton presents 19 Android Apps to Help You Through Your Pregnancy posted at Ultrasound Technologist Schools, saying, “Pregnancy is an exciting time, but it is also often full of questions. One source of information you may not have considered is your Android. There are quite a few Android apps that you’ll love using throughout your pregnancy.”

Mr. Strawberry presents Are Organic Strawberry Plants Better? | Strawberry Plants .org posted at Strawberry Plants .org, saying, “This post discusses the results of recent trials that showed organically-grown strawberry plants to produce more healthy produce than conventionally-grown ones and the broader implications.”

That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of daily healthcare using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.

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