Blog Carnival (December 22, 2010)

Welcome to the December 22, 2010 edition of daily healthcare.

Emilia Klapp presents Celery Is One of the Best High Blood Pressure Drugs | The Diabetes Club posted at The Diabetes Club, saying, “Since immemorial times, celery has been used to lower high blood pressure, with Hippocrates prescribing the vegetable as a tonic for those suffering from nervous tension. Unfortunately, the medicinal properties of celery had been ignored for many years in favor of pharmaceutical high blood pressure drugs.”

Emilia Klapp presents Is Peanut Butter Healthy? Not Really | The Diabetes Club posted at The Diabetes Club, saying, “Here is a question I receive in my nutrition classes quite often: Is peanut butter healthy? Well, the answer is, “not quite”. Peanut butter is considered an inflammatory food because of its ratio between Omega 6 and Omega 3 fats. And as you probably know, chronic inflammation is the root for many health problems.”

presents Weight Loss and Dieting in the New | posted at

Joe Tichio presents Oct 14, Health Quotes posted at Inspirational Quotes Blog, saying, “A collection of inspiring quotes on being healthy.”

Aparna presents Drumsticks for health posted at Beauty and Personal Grooming, saying, “The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence.” goes a popular proverb. How true! Health conscious people, who are busy counting calories and spending a fortune on expensive and nutritious foodstuffs, hardly spare a thought to the humble drumstick (sahjan) tree which is a common sight in the gardens of so many Indian homes. They don’t mind consulting dieticians who charge exorbitant amounts for chalking out a suitable diet chart but are hesitant to make use of any home-grown, nutritious or cheaply available vegetable. Why the special emphasis on ‘drumstick’ ? Simply, because it is loaded with all the vital health ingredients.”

Dallas Burrows presents Top 50 Blogs About Neonatal Care posted at Neonatal Nurse Practitioner Programs, saying, “Many people work in neonatal care because it provides opportunities to see the miracle of birth first hand, and help care for these precious infants. Neonatal care requires patience, and sometimes a sense of humor. It also requires a great deal of knowledge and compassion.”

Madeleine Begun Kane presents How To Become An Insomniac posted at Mad Kane’s Humor Blog.

Amanda Radcliffe presents Top 25 Social Sites for Public Health Professionals posted at Health Sherpa, saying, “One of the fastest growing fields of interest is that of public health. Public health deals with keeping the population as a whole healthy, raising awareness of best health practices among members of the public. As technology continues to advance, and as more ways to communicate are developed, it will be possible for public health professionals to connect more with each other – -and with the public.”

Kathleen LaBeouf presents 20 Excellent YouTube Videos to Learn About Your Pregnancy posted at ultrasound technician salary, saying, “Here are some videos to watch to help answer your questions about your pregnancy. You’ll see the changes that you and your baby go through. You’ll also get help with your diet and exercise program as well as answers to some of your more pressing questions.”

CourtneyLR presents A Wonderful Christmastime? posted at live light, saying, “Holiday stress prevention & relief tips”

CourtneyLR presents In Search of Blue Skies posted at live light, saying, “Potential effects of exposure to blue light in individuals with seasonal affective disorder”

CourtneyLR presents Smoking Cessation & Depression posted at live light, saying, “Information on special challenges in smoking cessation for depressed people”

DMC presents Can the damage from smoking be healed? posted at D Mc.

PT presents Where to Open a Health Savings Account posted at Prime Time Money.

stevo presents Some Tasty Chicken Salad Recipes For You! posted at Quick Weight Loss Blog, saying, “Here are some tasty chicken salad recipes that not only taste great but that also help you lose weight, satisfy your hunger and stop sugar cravings in their tracks!”

Jipson Musundi presents The Facts About a Fast Weight Loss Diet posted at Weight Loss Minds.

Jipson Musundi presents Weight Loss Diet � Tips on Weight Loss Diet Plans That Work posted at Weight loss minds.

Francis Zonars presents 20 Android Apps Every Health Nut Needs posted at Masters of Nursing, saying, “If healthy living is your passion, your Android can be a big help. There are lots of Android applications designed just for people like you who want all the latest health news, as well as tools for tracking your nutrition, exercise and medical issues. Check out these twenty android apps designed for health nuts.”

Jessie Stanton presents Hippie Wedding Theme Ideas posted at Wedding Theme Planner, saying, “A hippie wedding theme can be particularly fun for an older couple that was part of the flower generation.”

Gerald Samuels presents Infertility Services posted at Pregnancy Calendar, saying, “Some helpful resources if you are having trouble conceiving.”

Tyra Ronan presents Top 50 Blogs by Paramedics posted at Paramedic to RN, saying, “Paramedics have one of the most exciting jobs, and see unique, and sometimes amazing things on an almost daily basis. Fortunately, many of these paramedics blog about these experiences.”

anjelajoseph presents 20 Essential Web Apps to Monitor Disease Outbreaks posted at Masters in International Health, saying, “Knowing what’s going on in your area can help you keep yourself safe at work, help you spot potential victims of outbreaks when you see them and can also help you keep your family healthy.”

Emilia Klapp presents Are Strawberries Dipped in Chocolate Good for Diabetics? | The Diabetes Club posted at The Diabetes Club, saying, “Besides its intense aroma and delicious taste, strawberries stand out for their numerous health benefits. We know that vitamin C, vitamin E, and beta-carotene , three antioxidants par excellence, are found in strawberries, helping prevent damage to many body organs. But how about strawberries dipped in chocolate, are they also good for diabetics?”

Jipson Musundi presents Answering the Big Question of Weight Loss: Supplements or No Supplements? posted at Weight loss minds.

Jipson Musundi presents Blog Carnival – Submit an Article to a Carnival posted at Weight loss minds.

susan presents Top 50 Blogs for Strength Training Tips posted at LPN to BSN Programs, saying, “Strength training is a great way to stay healthy and in shape. There are many blogs, for both men and women, offering tips on this excellent activity.”

Irving Berlin presents Top 50 Global Food Security Blogs posted at MHA Programs, saying, “Despite the commercial and political value inherent in food policy, safety and security, the top 50 global food security blogs listed below all point to health as the bottom line.”

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