Improving Your Sleep

We had discussed on the importance of getting enough sleep before this. However, sometimes getting enough sleep is not a guarantee that you can get a quality sleep. Sleeping in a long period does not mean you get a quality sleep so let’s see how you can improve your sleep so you get can get an optimum result from the time that you spend for sleeping.

Getting enough sleep is an important thing to practice but you have to make sure that you are not spending too much time sleeping unless you got reasons such as getting sick, fever or etc. Optimize the time that you have and get to bed as soon as you realize it is the most suitable time to get some sleep.

Get yourself on schedule. We human have our own body clock depends on our body and the environment we live. My suggestion is by aiming to get up at the same time every day where you make your time for sleeping consistent. Make this a frequent habit so you can plan when you want to got sleep and wake up. This step will helps your body to get into a sleep rhythm and make it easier to fall asleep and get up in the morning everyday.

Consider about the environment that surrounds you while you are sleeping. Ensure a suitable temperature for your room. The ideal setting for sleeping time is a cool, dark room. Keep the temperature in the bedroom no higher than 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Do something to make you feel comfortable while sleeping such as wearing sweater if it is too cold for you. Turn of the light where you can sleep in complete darkness or as dark as possible so you can ensure a good and comfortable sleep.

Consuming enough nutrient and suitable meal is also important where your body processes the food that you had consumed while you are sleeping. Eat foods that contain melatonin, a substance that helps regulate the body clock such as oats or rice.You can also taking a glass of milk before going to sleep. Avoid spicy food, caffeine, sugar and alcohol at least 4 to 6 hours prior to your sleeping time.

Having stress might affect your sleep’s quality so do some relaxation or light exercise before going to sleep. Relax your mind and don’t make yourself stress while trying to get to sleep or you might waking up tomorrow in the morning with a stressful condition. Sleeping is a way of relaxing your mind and body not adding stress and problems to your health.

Improving your sleep is something that you must consider about as it affects your life and health. So try to ask yourself – Am I getting a quality sleep? If not, it is time to improve your sleep now.

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