Wilson Helen

Adult Hormonal Acne

Adult hormonal acne is an inflammatory disease of the skin caused by a malfunction of the sebaceous gland. The reason for failure is an abnormal level of testosterone, the male hormone during puberty in adolescents. Hormonal acne begins to appear in 13-14 (girls) and 15-16 (boys). For most adolescents acne is decreasing over time and […] Read more

Reduce Stress to Reduce Acne

Acne is a skin condition that can develop due to a various number of reasons one being stress. Acne can be caused when stress makes the androgen hormone induce excessive production of oil by the sebaceous glands that clog the pores of the hair follicles. When bacteria and dirt begins to produce within the blocked […] Read more

Lamictal Acne

Lamictal acne is a result of taking lamictal, a drug prescribed to epileptic patients, those suffering from bipolar symptoms or depression.  Acne breakout can often occur as a reaction to the medication. In case the acne condition has persisted for a longer duration and does not simply go away it is recommended that a person […] Read more

Acne Problems

Acne is a frequent skin condition which according to study is unpreventable; the acne sufferers can be people of any age. The problem lies not only in the extensive commonality of the skin condition but the limitless variations of the skin condition and its severity. In the United Stated 85 percent of the population suffers […] Read more