Fasting Tips During Ramadhan

It’s Ramadhan again and it’s time for Muslim to undergo their fasting practice as it had been stated in the third pillar of Islam. Muslims are obliged to fast during the entire Ramadhan except for those who can’t afford to practice it due to several reasonable reasons.

Fasting is in fact helps the healing process which helps in improving your health and provides needed rest to the digestive system. Let’s see some of the fasting tips during Ramadhan that you can implement.

Practice Suitable Diet
Fasting is a good way to practice diet however don’t let it brings negative effects for you. It is necessary to control the diet even after successfully completing the fasting period where overeating after fasting would result in the drastic increase of weight. Our diet during Ramadhan should not differ too much from our normal diet and make it as simple as possible.

Plan Your Meal
The meal that you consume before and after fasting is an important meal to be considered while fasting. One of the important fasting tips to implement is drinking sufficient water before you start fasting. This can avoid the drastic loss of fluid in your body. Prefer taking slow-digesting foods which contain grains and seeds such as barley, wheat, oats and beans. They are better compared to fast-burning foods which contain ingredients such as sugar and white flour. You can also have fruit or vegetable juice that is rich in calories and nutrients that can build new cells and helps you to stay fit while fasting.

It’s recommended to plan your meal for breakfasting too. Don’t consume too much foods and waters while breakfasting. Consider taking light meal such as dates and sufficient water and wait for a while before taking the heavier meal such as rice and etc. This will let your digestive system to work accordingly to your need in a proper manner.

Save Your Energy
In normal days you might get your daily energy from consuming foods at day however while fasting your energy will be drained quickly if you’re using it too much. We might heard the stories of past warriors who were fighting in war while fasting, but you have to know your own ability. Try to save your energy by avoiding too much activities and always stay calm so you can avoid your body to use much energy. Relax yourself or if you want to do simple activity, take a walk as a kind of refreshment for your body and mind.

Wrap Up
Some people have negative thought about fasting however actually fasting is a good practice for human body especially the digestive system and this had been proven scientifically. One thing to keep in mind is to maintain a healthy lifestyle so you can stay fit while fasting.

Wishing all of you especially Muslims a blessing Ramadhan 1431H!

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  • well…
    it’s really hard to get concentrate when in fasting
    I always get sleepy
    I have to try some of your tips

  • really helpful post. I have accepted some of your tips in my routine life. I think fasting would be beneficial to me as per your shared information about it. By the way thanks for sharing this amazing tips.

  • My good friend is Muslim and I must say that this fasting tips will be helpful for her.It is really good that you explain all tips very well so it is easy to follow.I think that to practice suitable diet is an important for health.

  • Great article and really good tips to follow during the Ramadhan,i definitely forward these article to mine Muslim friends so they keep themselves fits during the Fasting.

  • Daily energy from consuming foods at day however while fasting your energy will be drained quickly if you’re using it too much. We might heard the stories of past warriors who were fighting in war while fasting

  • well…
    it’s really hard to get concentrate
    I always get sleepy
    I have to try some of your tips

  • Hi Nasrul,

    Thank you for this informative article, fasting diets are good but you should have the controll in your hands, otherwise it can just go wrong and you will not get the expected results.

    So be careful 🙂


  • Fasting is good for our health.With the help of fasting we can improve our digestible system.You have given here good tips for all Muslims.This will be very helpful in their fasts.

  • I’m sometimes forget to drinking more water

  • Never would have imagined that Fasting would be an ideal way of dieting. I’m into some diet program not exceeding to the pointing of having no meal for a day. I think ones have to experience this ramadhan in order to get used on this kind of dieting.

  • charlotte @lemonade diet

    I’ve got to work with muslims back in Dubai. And during ramadan, they had to fast and so we (christians) did just for curiosity. We wanted to find out how does it feel to fast to think that we are not used to that. Imagine, they can’t even swallow their own saliva, they can’t even brush their teeth and they have to wait for IFTAR to come to dine. Wooh!! It’s a challenge indeed.
    But in return, without any intention at all, we lost weight which was the advantage of the challenge. Since then we did it as a diet..challenging but amazing!

  • These are useful fasting tips during ramadhan.You have just well written in your tip to save energy.This will be helpful for all who are fasting.There are also many other health benefits of fasting.

  • In religious and faith practice fasting is not only abstaining from food.

    But now a days because of of the issue of weight loosing we call it hunger.

  • Great tips I always have difficulty fasting i will have to try your ideas. thanks.

    • At last! Someone with the insight to solve the premlob!

  • Perfect water drinking plans. Through excess water drinking you can get away from skin problems also.

  • Nice information about this topic!
    Thanks 🙂

    • I think you hit a buyellse there fellas!

    • Now I know who the brainy one is, I’ll keep looking for your posts.

    • Due to some slight inaccuracies – which is why I didn’t mention specific lawyers or accountants – I’ve made some tweaks to the article. This stuff really makes my head spin.

    • siapa kata orang gila x sakit. bnyk yg kene demam panas, sakit tekak, tonsilitis, appendicitis, luka bernanah, gastric ulcer dll.kalo x caya pg tgk kt hospital, xpon tnye kt kakitangan di jab .

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  • Thank you for this informative article, fasting diets are good, but you must have control in your hands, otherwise it might go wrong and you will not get the desired results.

  • Thanks for the information!


  • It’s an remarkable article designed for all the web users; they will obtain benefit from it I am sure.

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